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Lockout Services

Are your keys locked or stuck inside a locked car, truck or SUV? We've seen it done thousands of times. Busy schedules, hectic lifestyles are the main reason behind people locking their keys in their car. Other reasons for being locked out of a car are: dead key fobs, bad ignition systems, pets in the car, and vehicles locking themselves while running.


Locking your keys in your vehicle can be a very stressful situation. Luckily, thousands of people like you have trusted A1 Discount Roadside and Tow Service for their car unlocking and truck unlocking needs. While we don't fabricate keys or offer key replacement or duplication, we do a very good job in helping folks that need a fast & affordable auto lockout service. We can unlock any car or truck that you may be locked out of in a matter of minutes.

​Our services are 100% insured, damage free, & very affordable. Need a quick quote on your keys locked in car service? Rest assured that you will pay one of the lowest prices around. Prices for lockout services vary by time of day, vehicle make, model, & weather conditions. Need a lockout now? Pick up the phone and just call (470) 241-4403

Our technicians use specialized car and truck unlocking equipment to unlock your vehicle. Many folks try to unlock their own vehicles and to that we say use caution. Which is a fraction of the total cost of a new paint job. We've seen countless customers ruin their paint job only to call us anyway. If you have your keys stuck inside your car and cant get them out, call a professional. 

We take pride in offering the fastest and most affordable car unlocking & roadside assistance services in the Atlanta, GA . Area. If you need service now, give us a call & get a quick quote.

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